Metallic dry shake floor topping, CT-C60-F10-A1.5

BAUTECH MULTITOP ENDURO is a matallic (corundum) dry shake floor topping (DST) for monolithic and anti- static concrete floors. It contains hard aggregate, high-performance cements and proper admixtures and pigments. Applied and power floated on a fresh concrete, it creates a colored, marble like, abrasion and dusting resistant, smooth floor of increased resistance to the penetration with oils, grease etc.



  • High abrasion resistance
  • High dusting resistance
  • High impact resistance
  • Easy to clean
  • Wide colour range


  • Very heavy duty floorings in steel mills, power plants, logistic centres, military facilities et
  • Anti electrostatic floorings

Technical data

Fire ratingA1fl
Release of corrosive substancescementitious mortar (CT)
Compressive strength after 28 days> 60 N/mm² (C60)
Flexurqal strength after 28 days> 10 N/mm² (F10)
Abrassion resistance after 28 days
(Böhme test)
< 1.5 cm³/50 cm² (A1.5)
Chemical resistancee.g. oils, chloride-based whitening agents, ethyl alcohol,
alkaline detergents, printing paint
Oil permeability0 mm
Hardness - Mohs scale>7
Coverageapprox. 4.5 kg/m² ±10%
Application temperature
from +5°C dto +30°C
Curring time
(tp. at +20°C and RH 65%)
light traffic: after 14 days
full resistance: after 28 days
Packingbag 30 kg, palette 1050 kg (35 bags)