For nearly 20 years, BAUTECH has been a leading European manufacturer and supplier of the highest quality materials and professional equipment for making industrial floors, communication and decorative surfaces. Many years of experience and close cooperation with scientific units have led to the creation of complete system solutions, now called BAUTECH Industrial and Decorative Floor Systems.

Floors and floors that meet the highest requirements cannot be accidental, they must be the result of a professional design. The growing needs and expectations of investors and many years of practice have contributed to the development of a specialized system enabling the creation of technical and technological studies based on output data including, among others: purpose, operational conditions, anticipated loads, etc. By considering individual requirements and local floor conditions, " custom-made".

BAUTECH industrial floors, being surfaces with the highest technical parameters, aesthetic values ​​and mechanical resistance, are widely used in production halls, warehouses, garages, commercial facilities, as well as in heavy industry, food, pharmaceutical and explosion hazard areas.

Bold architectural visions are the driving force behind the development of the company, in whose laboratories original floor solutions are created, which appeal to the most sophisticated tastes of investors. The experience gained in creating solutions that meet complex technical requirements has allowed the creation of a group of products for use in interior design and building surroundings - BAUTECH® FUTURA.

BAUTECH® FUTURA decorative systems not only guarantee the perfect appearance of your floor for many years, but also bring a unique atmosphere to any interior where quality and the highest level of aesthetics are a priority.