Sealer and densifier for concrete floorings and slabs

Bautech Formula is a water-based solution of silicates of different molecular sizes designed to penetrate into concrete slab to densify and harden them.

Bautech Formula is recommended for sealing commercial concrete floorings such as warehouse floorings, workshop floorings, garage DST floorings, retail store floorings and other troweled, burnished, or polished concrete surfaces.

Mode of action

Silicate base seales do not leave coating over the surfaces. Penetrating into concrete they react with calcium hydroxide and produce calcium silicate hydrate (C-S-H) that increases concrete strength and hardness.


  • Concrete floorings
  • Troweled DST floorings
  • External concrete / brushed concret slabs
  • Old and new concrete slabs/ floorings


  • Increased impact resistance by 50% (compared with C20/25 concrete)
  • Increased abrasion resistance by 30% (compared with C20/25 concrete - Bome test)
  • Decreased concrete water absorption rate by 58%
  • Decreased water evaporation rate by 45%
  • Oil permeability
Densityapprox 1.0 g/cm3
Number of coatings1-2


0.1-0.25 l m2
Packing5 l, 20 l, 200 l 1 000 l

24 pcs x 20 l canister / palette

2 pcs x 200 l barrel/ palette

1 pcs x 1 000 l container/ palette