BAUTECH TERRAFLOOR terrazzo effect

Terrafloor flooring, called terrazzo, is mostly appreciated by enthusiasts of classic and sophisticated solutions. With its glossy, elegant surface and high resistance to operating conditions, this product is ideal not only for residential interiors but also for public areas, particularly in historic buildings.

  • impressive, classic polished floor resembling marble or granite, containing quartz or basalt aggregate
  • exceptionally durable floor with very good performance characteristics – excellent resistance to abrasion, stains and UV radiation
  • for long-lasting mirror shine we recommend Bautech Nanotechnology products, which penetrate the floor structure, adding extra reinforcement.

RECOMMENDED for various types of formal, elegant spaces, in particular historic buildings. Terrafloor decorative and multi-coloured polished screeds are the perfect solution for floors that are used by hundreds of people every day.

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TERRAFLOOR is a system of thin-layer decorative floor polished with diamond pads to produce the effect of high-quality terrazzo. It contains carefully selected ingredients, such as high-performance cements, basalt and quartz aggregates, polymers, pigments and many other components for improved durability. The floor resembles marble or granite, and demonstrates excellent performance characteristics. Resistant to abrasion, stains and UV radiation, it looks new even after many years of use. For long-lasting mirror shine, we recommend Bautech Nanotechnology products (sealer, polishing agent), which penetrate the structure of the floor, adding extra reinforcement.

The TERRAFLOOR product line includes floors incorporating basalt or quartz aggregates as well as micoTerrafloor solutions – containing fine quartz aggregate. They are available with matrices in a wide range of colours for an extensive range of fit-out possibilities.

TERRAFLOOR system should be applied by professional flooring contractors using advanced equipment.

  • Bautech Baupox 100 ST
  • Quartz sand 1.0-1.6 mm
  • Bautech Terrafloor
  • Bautech Terraseal
  • Bautech Terracoat

TERRAFLOOR (terrazzo) is an exclusive floor of outstanding durability. However, if you choose this solution, make sure that it is applied by qualified contractors with suitable equipment to ensure optimum results.