Polished floor for the office, offices - permanent surfaces of the 21st century

Name of the facility: Town Hall

Town: Świętochłowice

Technology: Bautech TERRAFLOOR® polished floor, color: gray mosaic + Roman mosaic, made on existing concrete base

Why terrazzo to the office, office ?.

Significant abrasion resistance and aesthetic values ​​of Bautech TERRAFLOOR® polished floors predispose them to be used in offices and company offices visited by a significant number of customers. Ground and polished, it is definitely more elegant than a masonry concrete floor.

On the other hand, popular epoxy floors are aesthetic, but not as durable as Bautech TERRAFLOOR® decorative concrete screed.

Bautech TERRAFLOOR® terrazzo flooring can be 15-30 mm thick. The option with finer Bautech MICROTERRAFLOOR® aggregate is also available, then the floor thickness is only 10-20 mm.

This system can be used for renovated buildings, where we do not want to raise the floor level.

Bautech TERRAFLOOR® comes in several colors that can be combined to create interesting designs.

Purpose of surface: office, office, reception, waiting room, clinic, hall