CREATIVO WALL decorative plaster

CREATIVO WALL® is an impressive and versatile solution to be appreciated by anyone who enjoys restrained minimalism and non-standard designs. The product has a unique texture with visible trowel marks. It can be used to create the visual effect of architectural concrete and to achieve other decorative effects on various surfaces. Due to its exceptional flexibility, it is also suitable for elastic, round/half-round and non-standard elements. It is recommended as the finishing solution for large spaces and small apartments alike. It can be used to add an industrial touch to lofts and penthouses, or to replace ceramic tiles in kitchens and bathrooms.

  • durable and impressive wall finish creating a unique wall texture – the visual effect of architectural concrete
  • wide range of colours
  • durable 2 mm coating, easy to maintain and use

RECOMMENDED for finishing walls and ornaments in high-profile, exclusive public areas and residential spaces.

It is also recommended for areas exposed to water.


CREATIVO WALL is a thin-layer system designed for the application of exclusive decorative coatings on various substrates. This advanced product contains polymers, hard aggregates, high-performance cements, pigments and suitable admixtures to ensure the high quality of the coating. It comes in a wide range of colours owing to the use of liquid pigments 6 colours can be mixed together at any ratio. Microcement can be used to produce coatings with a thickness of 2 mm, virtually indistinguishable from architectural concrete or decorative concrete – but unlike these materials, it does not emit dust.

The surface produced using this technology is resistant to abrasion and scratches, as well as easy to clean. It is also resistant to fire and UV radiation (no yellowing).
CREATIVO WALL® is designed for indoor application only.

Special-purpose product – CREATIVO microcement should be applied by trained contractors.

BAUTECH CREATIVO WALL system inlcludes:

  • bond coat
  • microcement coat
  • varnish