BAUTECH CREATIVOTM is a three component microcement that can be used to create original and unique floorings and plasters. Manual coloring offers unlimited possibilities in creation of colour range. Microcement can be applied to a variety of substrates making it a powerful tool in the hands of an experienced contractor, architect or interior designer. BAUTECH CREATIVOTM can be used to produce smooth or rough surfaces – all this with a coating that is just 2-3 mm thick. Final look of floorings/ walls can be controlled on a few stages of application: through the way of spreading of material and sanding of coatings. Bautech CREATIVO is a tasteful alternatives to traditional wood and tile floors. It can feature rough-cast urban or industrial styling making perfect combination of concrete with glass, metal and wood.
Microcement Bautech Creativo can be used internally in both residential and commercial buildings on:

  • floorings, walls
  • furniture, doors, shelvings, worktops
  • stairs
  • fire surrounds

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  • easy and quick application
  • low thickness (2-3 mm)
  • suitable for various substrates both vertical and horizontal
  • suitable for under-floor heating
  • can be applied to any hard surface such as concrete, tiles, wood, plywood, OSB board, metal
  • seamless
  • UV rays resistant
  • extremely durable surface, resistant to scratches and abrasion
  • flexible- can be applied to raised floorings
  • unique pattern of every floorings
  • effect of concrete on the floor
  • unlimited range of colour due to manual pigmentation
  • easy to clean and maintain


BAUTECH CREATIVOTM system inlcludes;

  • bond coat
  • microcement coat
  • varnish

Depending on the subbase it is recomended to create bond coat with Bautech Contacto primer (stable subbase) or Bautech Baupox 100 ST epoxy resin brodcasted with quartz sand (weake subbase, tiles, wood etc.). Both primers have excelent adhesion to the substrate. Microcement is applied in two coats: Creativo BASE and FINISH. To achieve smoother surface Creativo FINE FINISH can by used for coating Creativo FINISH. Bautech Creativo microcement is manualy colored with liquid pigments. Each of coats should be sanded After drying of the last coat microcement is primed (Baupur 600 HP PRIMER)and coated with polyurethane one-component varnish Bautech Baupur 600 HP or two-component varnish Bautech Baupur 700 HP.

Application of BAUTECH CREATIVO to different bond coats:

Bautech Creativo on Bautech Contacto bond coat

Bautech Creativo on Bautech Baupox bond coat
  • Bautech Baupox 100 ST
  • Quartz sand 0.4-0.8 mm
  • Bautech Bautech Creativo Base +pigment
  • Bautech Creativo Finish + pigment
  • Bautech Baupur 600 HP Primer
  • Bautech Baupur 600 HP or Baupur 700 HP