PRESSBETON® is an unconventional method of creating decorative outdoor and indoor pavements. In the hands of an architect and designer, concrete can become a creative material, matching the character and mood of any architectural style – from ancient to more contemporary forms. With this technology, concrete can be virtually indistinguishable from river stones, sandstone, granite blocks or bricks, or it can imitate a wide range of very different materials, from Welsh shale or Roman pavers to deck planks. Additionally, surfaces covered with Pressbeton demonstrate excellent strength parameters.

  • decorative finish of concrete paving
  • high wear resistance
  • wide range of patterns and colours
  • imitation of natural materials: sandstone, granite, planks, pavers, shale, etc.

RECOMMENDED as surface finish for car parks, footpaths and ramps. Due to its decorative capabilities, it is also recommended as a finishing method for commercial and residential spaces.

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The secret of the PRESSBETON® technology lies in the stamping of a specific pattern in an accordingly prepared and tinted surface of fresh concrete. With a suitable sub-base and concrete slab, the pavement is capable of transferring any load. The surface materials (hardener and sealer) produce a pavement that is abrasion-resistant, non-absorbent, freeze-thaw-resistant and easy to clean.

A properly designed pavement guarantees the capability of transferring any operational loads – from small cars to trucks weighing several dozen tons, buses, etc., which makes it an interesting alternative to the monotony of paving stones and the greyness of concrete. The fact, in turn, that it can be applied as a thin layer (10–15 mm) over the existing concrete surface enables original interior fit-out concepts.

  • Bautech Nanotop Pressbeton
  • Release agent
  • Pattern imprinted by "concrete stamp"
  • Bautech Bauseal Enduro
  • Bautech Brukseal