Concrete floor in the living room

Object name: Simple House show house

Town: Konstancin-Jeziorna near Warsaw

Technology: Bautech ULTIMA® concrete decorative floor

The concrete floor fits into any interior design. It creates unlimited arrangement options in small apartments as well as large apartments and houses. This is a very popular solution recently.

Bautech ULTIMA Baufloor® flooring can be used on new and existing concrete substrates. It is a product that perfectly replaces parquet, panels or stoneware tiles.

This floor, thanks to polishing, is very elegant, durable, resistant to dirt and stains. It can also be refreshed from time to time by re-polishing. Bautech ULTIMA Baufloor® is ideal especially where we have open, connected rooms. Such a floor will be suitable both in the living room and the kitchen, hallway or bathroom.

It is a very practical solution both for the living room and the kitchen, bathroom or hall. It is also worth recommending to her pet owners - dog's claws will definitely not hurt her, and it is easy to clean.

Do you want your salon to be unique? We recommend a modern, durable, easy-to-clean bautech Ultima® concrete floor. Welcome!

Where you can make: living room, living-room, hall, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen.