What floor in the hotel lobby and restaurant?

Facility: Hotel Ibis Styles, restaurant "Czary Mary"

Location: Wroclaw, Pl. Constitution of May 3

Technology used: Bautech ULTIMA® surface-hardened concrete pavement in titanium gray.

Bautech ULTIMA® is an extremely practical solution for hotel spaces where elegance, durability and easy cleaning are important.

Our concrete floors are distinguished by:

  1. Scandinavian simplicity and fashionable design.

Minimalism, simplicity, functionality and durability. The Bautech floor fits Scandinavian design perfectly.

  1. We obtain resistance to abrasion and dusting using an appropriate hardener and concrete impregnate. For the hotel lobby and restaurant, we recommend Bautech Bautop® Enduro, which in combination with Bautech Terraseal® impregnation guarantees that the floor will withstand intense movement of people for many years.
  2. Quick implementation - pouring the concrete slab, rubbing in the hardener usually lasts a maximum of several days. Then sanding. We will be able to use the floor within about a month of starting work. Everything, of course, depends on the surface.
  3. A wide range of colors. Concrete does not have to be gray!
  4. Easy to clean - the floor is easy to clean, wash, and spill coffee, tea or wine.
  5. Many design options - the floor can be designed for different loads, it can have different abrasion resistance.

If you already have a ready-made concrete slab and would like to finish a hotel floor, take a look at Bautech ULTIMA® thin-layer screed.

We encourage you to purchase the entire system - we will provide a set of products: hardener, reinforcing fiber (link), impregnation, expansion joint filling system.

Our engineers will help you choose the thickness of the floor, the amount of reinforcement and impregnation. Designer, architect, investor - welcome!

Purpose of the floor: hotel hall with reception, foyer, restaurant, bathroom, kitchen and social room.