Modern and practical floor in the hair salon

Facility: Salon Urody Arkadius

Town: Warsaw

Technology used: Bautech ULTIMA® decorative floor

Bautech ULTIMA® polished concrete floor is an ideal surface for hairdressing or beauty salons. Perfectly replaces floor tiles or parquet. It is elegant and fits into any interior.

ULTIMA polished concrete floor is also very durable and resistant to use. Thanks to its high abrasion resistance, it tolerates point loads and "friction" very well, e.g. the pressure typical of a hair salon and the hairdressers' seats.

It is also important to maintain cleanliness in these types of rooms. This is extremely easy when using Bautech ULTIMA Baufloor® flooring.

Thanks to its smooth surface and virtually no welds, it is easy to clean, sweep or wash.

If you want your salon to be unique, modern and attract customers - a Bautech decorative floor is a good choice.

WARNING! It is possible to lay Bautech ULTIMA Baufloor® flooring on existing ceramic tiles.

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Purpose of the spout: hair salon, beauty salon, manicure salon, solarium.