Designer floor in the bar

Property: Bar Bay Kebab

Town: Warsaw, ul. John Paul II

Technology used: Bautech ULTIMA® concrete decorative floor

Dark, titanium, polished floor Bautech ULTIMA® has been used in a Warsaw kebab. Easy to make and keep clean, it is ideal for gastronomic establishments.

Bautech ULTIMA® is a thin film system with a thickness of 8-15 mm. Perfectly replaces tiles. The great advantage of this floor is the lack of welds, so the problem with the dirt in them disappears. The floor is always clean and aesthetic.

Thanks to the Bautech HYDROSEAL® sealing agent, the floor works well also in areas exposed to water, e.g. in kitchens and bathrooms.

Our concrete floor is characterized by simplicity and elegance, so it is in line with current design trends.

WARNING! It is possible to lay Bautech ULTIMA® on existing ceramic tiles.

If you are looking for a floor for a bar, restaurant, tavern, pizzeria, kebab or other gastronomic establishment, take a look at our similar projects, because this floor can be finished in several ways.

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Purpose of the floor: bar, restaurant, pizzeria, gastronomic premises