Unique flooring appearance is a sought-after visual effect, as it helps create a fully personalised interior design. It makes the living room look high-end, makes the kitchen and bathroom easy to clean, and transforms the floor in the children’s room into a perfect background for colourful decor schemes.

Concrete floors are resistant to moisture and high temperature, and their exceptional durability and strength make them suitable for corridor and stair finish. There are also creative ways in which microcement can be used as decorative concrete on window sills, countertops, furniture or accessories – following the latest trends in interior decor. This flexible compound can also be applied on walls to make them blend seamlessly with the floor. The system offers the visual effect of architectural concrete.

BAUTECH CREATIVO microcement and ULTIMA polished concrete can be applied onto almost any substrate.

BAUTECH FUTURA solutions are dedicated to minimalist loft interiors. The visual effect of decorative concrete goes hand-in-hand with the latest trends in interior decor, while its excellent performance characteristics make it a perfect choice for your living room, bathroom or kitchen.